About The Games

Wedding guests enjoying games at wedding
Young boy and man on skittle alley
Wedding guest lady playing skittles with coconut shy in background


Rosie Weddings has a collection of wooden vintage fairground and garden games available for hire, either individually or as part of a package. These games add a fun, colourful element to your event and provide great entertainment across all generations. You can hire our games alongside one of our bars or on their own. Check out our hire prices.

Fairground Strikers

Our most impressive game is our 20′ high fairground striker. Brightly painted and lit up at night, it’s one of the tallest in the country. Will you manage to ring the bell? It’s a long way up!

We have a smaller version for children too, complete with prizes

Skittle Alley

You will love our ancient and wobbly skittle alley. The genuine article, originally installed in a pub, she now spends her days laid out on the grass entertaining the guests. What could be more perfect than a skittles tournament on a sunny afternoon?

Lawn Games

These simple, old fashioned games bring a sense of fun to the day and are loved by all.

Choose from: Coconut Shie, Croquet Set, Giant Buzz Wire, Hoopla, Giant Jenga, Boules, Giant Kerplunk, Hook a Duck, Giant Connect 4 and Tilt Table.

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